Digital history of virtual museums

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About the project

The project Digital History of Virtual museums conducts by Research Associate Nadezhda Povroznik in FG Humanities Data Science and Methodology at the Institute for History in TU Darmstadt.

History of virtual museums

Understanding the future directions of the development of digital infrastructure for museums largely depends on our knowledge of the past of these resources and their development. What is the perception of digital museums today? Chasing novelty in order to bring as many visitors as possible? Or is the main strategy of digitalization of museums associated with the solution of long-term tasks, the conscious process of purposeful use of technologies and their competent and effective application? In order to answer these questions, determine the main trends in development, as well as to learn how museums react to the information technology market, it is necessary to understand how virtual museums have evolved, their contents changed, what functionality have grown, and what the tasks it allowed to solve.

virtual museums. case study

Five remarkable cases and advanced practices in building virtual museums were chosen for the analysis in more detail. To trace the digital history of virtual museums from the USA, Canada, Russia, Australia, and Germany follow the link, please. 

Virtual museum infographics

The development of virtual museums is visualized through various infographics.

Useful resources

The web-page includes a list of useful web-resources devoted to application the information technologies to the museums.